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We're proud of the fact that we've helped quite a few people over the years. Here's what some of our clients and business associates have to say about us...

"We're 100% confident our family is protected"

John & Catarina Starks, Jim's Car Detailing Hinterland 

We would like to announce our partnership with Brett Stephenson. Brett is the senior financial planner from Branston Partners. Brett is a local family man with two teenage daughters He knows the importance of having a Plan B and he specialises in protecting families like ours. Brett explained everything really clearly and listened to our needs. He not only found us the best deal on our Life cover but thanks to his advice we’re 100% confident our family is protected, no matter what. 


"Brett is an honest and open business professional"

​Daniel Murphy, Mortgage Broker-Advice House

I have had the pleasure of knowing Brett for many years also being involved with his children in sport. I have always found Brett to be an honest and open business professional. It's not often you come across a Financial Planner who is also fluent in Japanese, as well as a great sense of humour.



Recommendation-"He puts his clients first"

Maria Longland, Claims Specialist & Business Owner - Risk Assist Claims Management

I had the pleasure of working alongside Brett at Stream Financial. Within a short period of time it became apparent that Brett had superior financial advisory knowledge. He had strong morals & ethics, making sure he puts his clients needs and goals first. Having spent many years in Japan he has excellent understanding of their cultures and is fluent in Japanese. He is deligent, humble and an absolute gentleman and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.


Recommendation-"He continually goes above and beyond"

Anthea Kunievski, Administration Officer

I would highly recommend Brett Stephenson as a Financial Planner. He is incredibly passionate and driven to achieve maximum results. He looks after his clients personally on a case by case manner and prides himself to find the best possible outcomes and choices for individual situations. Brett continually goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and is an absolute pleasure to deal with


News Item​

A False Sense of Security is worse than nothing at all

A certain insurance company has recently agreed to cease writing new policies in Australia following an extensive ASIC investigation. A recent client experience is informative as to why this may be justified.

 Barry (not his real name) was convinced by a door-to-door salesman to replace his fully underwritten Income Protection with a new, underwritten-on-claim policy. Barry was surprised that the premium was less than half what he had previously been paying. He was impressed how simple the process was. Unfortunately, when Barry had a heart attack five weeks later he was no longer impressed...

News Item​

Robo-advice vs. Advice

I’m a financial adviser and I’ve been hearing a lot of talk recently that we’re being replaced by robo-advisers. Certainly, a fundamental change is about to sweep the Australian market and advisers have to move with the times… But, I’m not going out to look for another job, just yet. I’ve seen this before…